Naval Systems Seminar was conducted at ODTU KKM Ankara

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The sixth of Naval Systems seminar, which has a quite big of importance for the Turkish Defense Industry was conducted accordance with official and private defense industry institutions and universities producing services for Navy. On the first day of the event where the chairman was Salim AKYOL, İLTAREN specialists made three presentations; Dr. Nurşen Sarı on "BİLGEM İLTAREN Underwater Defense Systems Capabilities", Berk Akar on "BİLGEM İLTAREN Naval Platform ES Capabilities" and Uğur SEVGEN on "Magnetic Signature Discipline". ILTAREN Institute Manager Halil KAPLAN gave a briefing about the successful and on going projects of İLTAREN. In his briefing he also mentioned about the importance of the coordination and harmony between the institutions. As TÜBİTAK BİLGEM he said, we do not aim the industrial products market but what we really want to focus is solid R&D. He also mentioned that after the necessary infrastructure model is fulfilled, it will be possible to help the firms about technology transfer.
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