Radar and Electronic Support Systems Performance Analyse Software

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REDAY is an integrated software which provides the analysis
of the Radar and Electronic Support systems considering the
ambient conditions. Effects of the earth and atmosphere on the
electromagnetic energy radiated from Electronic Warfare systems
are simulated through empirical and numerical methods. By the
results of these simulations, the performance analysis and tactical
assessment of the Electronic Warfare systems under various
scenarios are carried out.


▪ Radar Coverage Analysis
▪ Radar Sense Analysis
▪ Electronic Support System Sense Analysis
▪ Empiric and Deterministic (Fourier Split Step
Method) Analysis
▪ Storage of the systems in inventory
▪ Compatibility with AREPS Software Database
▪ Block analysis for multiple systems
▪ User-determined work area
▪ Various Vector and Raster Map Format Support
▪ DTED 0/1/2 Format Data Usage Capability
▪ Layered representation of the results on the map
▪ Interactivity between map and system lists
▪ Calculation according to Antenna Pattern Effects