Modelling and Simulation

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ILTAREN offers a core set of software components that collectively provide a robust infrastructure for building a wide range of Simulation and Modeling applications. Among those components Simulation Modeling Architecture (SiMA) is an industrial-quality implementation of Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) formalism with some extensions. Together with SiMA, Sahne (a 3D environment construction and management toolkit), ILTAREN GIS (a Geographical Information System toolkit) and KODO (a code generation toolkit) offer an integrated programming environment.

SIMA – Simulation Modeling Infrastructure

SiMA is a simulation modeling and execution framework that aims to significantly reduce the development time of simulation applications. SiMA provides both an abstraction for system modeling and a protocol for executing and synchronizing the simulation of the modeled system. The simulation modeling abstraction used by SiMA is based on an extended form of the Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) Formalism, which provides a well-defined approach for constructing modular and hierarchical models of complex systems. SiMA is primarily written for .NET environments but can interface to pure C++ simulation model code. In addition, SiMA includes a Distributed Simulation Module that can act as an adapter to various external distributed simulation infrastructures such as High Level Architecture (HLA).



KODO – Code Generator

KODO is a code generation toolkit that helps in constructing data structures required for building SiMA simulation models. The flow of data across the SiMA layers in conformance to the constraints imposed by the simulation information space requires the implementation of conversion and transfer logic. This process is inherently complex and repetitive, and can be time consuming in case of sophisticated information spaces. KODO works via a declarative document interface and generates all the data types used in Input and Output ports of simulation models, and the code required for transmitting data across SiMA layers. KODO is implemented as a .NET VisualStudio Add-in that integrates into a .NET solution environment.

SAHNE – 3D Visualization Toolkit 

The main purpose of SAHNE is to provide a high level API to the application developer for simulation applications or other applications with 3D visualization requirements. SAHNE handles 3D object loading, creation and manipulation, camera definition and manipulation, and realistic environment visualization..


ILTAREN GIS – Geographical Information System (GIS) Infrastructure Library

The main function of ILTAREN GIS is to provide a software layer for efficient access, display and querying of GIS datasets. It supports many standard GIS functionality such as multi layered and multi thematic definition and display of raster and vector data, line of sight analysis, cross section analysis, contour generation and spatial queries.