Electronic Warfare Analysis, Testing, Evalution and Engineering Support

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In order to scientifically reinforce the electronic warfare system development activities that are carried out within ILTAREN (Advanced Technology Research Institute) and to maintain them with sensitive and detailed models, various measurement, testing and evaluation systems operating at open field and laboratories are conducted. Additionally, studies to detect how radar,warfare, infrared systems and platforms perform under different conditions are among the main activities. Thanks to the experience and expertise acquired from these, various consultancy and engineering support services are also being presented.


Hardware Conversion Laboratories are established with the purpose of analyzing how various systems operating on RF, infrared and acoustic bands perform under different conditions and scenarios. Studies to develop more reliable and loyal models via open field testing and measurement activities and to conduct analyses on system behaviors are conducted as well.


Within this scope, a system to measure infrared traces of decoys such as air and land platforms and heat shells have been developed. In the same vein, two different recording system to be utilized at RF and infrared bands with the purpose of recording and playing back the signals on RF, IF and video bands have been designed as well. Both of these systems are placed in a Panel van-type minibus whose components have been specifically designed and ready for mobile use.


Within this scope, the following support is delivered to the addressee: by using the infrastructure acquired from electronic warfare system projects that are conducted by the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense Industries; development of electronic warfare techniques and tactics, reprogramming of the electronic warfare systems in a way that will meet their operational requirements, maximizing the experience and knowledge of the personnel dealing with electronic warfare, testing, evaluating and engineering with practical trainings. Besides, there is an ongoing engineering support study in three different fields, which was demanded by the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and will provide operators of different forces with a prototype
system. These three fields include radar electronic support and electronic attack, communication electronic support and electronic attack and system engineering.