Electronic Support Technologies

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Electronic Support

DDA (Digital Pulse Analyzer) Prototype System

The prototype system consists of various processing components, that identify and extract critical parameters belonging to radars in the vicinity and displays those parameters to the operators of the ES system. In addition to a typical set of ES system capabilities, the processing and identification algorithms are also capable of rapidly detecting and classifying fast threats such as guided missiles within a densely populated emitter environment. Emitter identification process is able to access both central and operator specific data.

Using Contact Log, contact records are matched instantly with GPS and GYRO data. Contact logs can be used to generate an analysis file for post processing purposes.

RIP (Radar Identification Processor) 

RIP is a high performance implementation of radar identification algorithms on FPGAs capable of calculating RF, PRI and SCAN parameters. RIP brings about significant improvement in processing power as well as power consumption rate compared to more conventional Electronic Support systems. RIP can be used for both airborne and naval platforms.