E-HARP SUITE - Design and Development of Electronic Warfare Systems

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Within ILTAREN (Advanced Technology Research Institute), studies are carried out to develop terms for the systems of advanced technologies. Relatedly, for the newly determined terms, prototype and term representation systems are being promoted. Within this context, prototypes of various electronic attack and electronic support systems have been successfully developed and quite efficient groups of engineers have been hired as well.


A term representation system (TRS) developed with the intention of analyzing the efficiency
of various electronic attack techniques provides electronic attack applications which are
resistant to electronic jamming and deception and quite effective against modern search and
tracking radars. Among the main features of the TRS are:

▪ Narrow-band, high powered electronic attack capacity
▪ Capability of applying electronic attack to any side thanks to the sealed beam dish antenna
▪ DRFM-based advanced technical generator
▪ Very low time lag
▪ Capacity of finding the direction of threats and polarization
▪ Target monitoring with a camera
▪ Capacity for changing polarization within receiving and transmitting antenna
▪ Capacity of being stationed both at land and air platforms
▪ Capacity of applying integrated techniques thanks to various jamming and deception


Thanks to a prototype system including various processing capacities, Electronic Aid (EA)
System (which calculates the parameters around and gives them to the related operator)
has been developed. Apart from comprising the features of a typical electronic aid, the
prototype includes the following as well:

▪ Operator-specific analysis screens
▪ High-driven missile detection under intense operations
▪ Center and operator-specific data access possibility to emitter identification
▪ Instant matching of contact record specifications with GPS and gyro
▪ Capacity of creating contact file for analysis